Enviromental Factor

Beneficial Nematodes

  • Grub Busters

    Grub Busters Nematodes are naturally occurring microscopic worms with attitude. Each package contains the toughest beneficial nematodes which kill soil pests such as grubs, flea larvae, weevils, cutworms, and more. It's an easy 3 Step application, just open the package pour your powder into your hose end sprayer (or watering can), fill with water and spray. Grub Busters nematodes actively seek out grubs in soil and reproduce to provide you with a lasting natural pest control.
    • The immediate organic control for grubs, fleas and soil larval pests in lawn and gardens
    • Ideal for all white grubs including Japanese beetle, May-June beetle and Chafer grubs 
    • Contains steinernema glaseri, the nematode most effective against mature spring grubs
    • Helps prevent secondary mole damage in lawn and garden areas
    • Safe for people and pets to use treated area immediately after use

    Now available online at the following retailers:
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  • Chinch Bug

    Natural Chinch Bug Eliminator
    • Each globe contains nematodes and specially blended spray mix to adhere nematodes to where chinch bugs are present
    • Easy mixing and spraying, simply add nematodes + spray mix with water into pre-calibrated sprayer
  • Leatherjacket Busters

    Natural Leatherjacket Busters
    • Controls crane fly larvae in the root zone and gardens
    • Ideal for fungus gnat and other fly larvae soil pests
    • Apply when larvae are present in soil, usually in Spring and late August to November
  • Ant Attack

    Natural Ant Attack nematodes
    • Treat ants in garden, interlocking borders and lawn areas
    • Dual action kills young ant larvae and drives away adult ants from sprayed areas
    • Treats both black and red ant species
    • Use from April to September when soil is above 50° F
    • Covers up to 1,000 sq.ft or approximately 16 nests.



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