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  • TurfMaize BioWeed n' Feed

    Organic lawn care: TurfMaize BioWeed n'Feed Seed Germination Inhibitor and fertilizer with corn gluten meal.

    Turfmaize Bioweed n' Feed
    • New Bioweed formula
    • Canada's 1st natural weed and feed product
    • Naturally thickens lawn and inhibits weeds all in one application
    • Feeds your lawn with slow release nitrogen
    • Contains no filler, animal waste or sludge
    • Can be applied rain or shine
    • Will not burn turf
    • Safe for children and pets to use yard immediately after application (no down time required!)
    • Granulated for easy application with any fertilizer spreader

    Corn Gluten Meal Resources:

    Corn Gluten Meal Research, Iowa State University - Click to read

    Who Recommends Turfmaize:

    Turfmaize is listed as a recommended natural product by the town of Huntsville - Click to read

    Peterborough recommends Turfmaize on their website - Click to read

    Toronto's Municiple website also notes Turfmaize as a lower risk pesticide - Click to read

    Information on the product on the Ministry of Agriculture website - Click to read

    Industry Canada - Click to read



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