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Environmental Factor's 100% chemical and pesticide free organic lawn and garden care fertilizers, weed and grub control products.


  • Organic Fertilizers

    Green It - Organic Fertilizers

    Everything you need to grow a sustainable lush organic lawn.
    Choose the Organic Lawn in a Box if you've been looking for a step-by-step, organic feeding program for your lawn. Unlike synthetic fertilizers that can harm soil life and cause rapid, disease-prone growth, these organic formulas nurture healthy growth and support the soil ecosystem. They're easy to apply, too. Just attach the pre-mixed bottle to your hose and spray. Includes liquid corn gluten fertilizer for spring and fall, and fish fertilizer for summer. Or choose our 3 step granular fertilizer program made from food grade organic based nutrients (Canada only).
  • Beneficial Nematodes

    Beneficial Nematodes for insect control

    Nema-globe Nematodes
    Do you have a grub, chinch bug, ant or crane fly (leatherjacket) problems? Environmental Factor has the immediate organic solution: The Nema-Globe Nematodes line of products is the natural solution for soil insect pests.

    Each globe contains the beneficial nematode specie  best suited to treat your problem areas in your lawn and garden.

    Now available online or a Garden Centre  Retailer near you.

  • Organic Herbicides

    Green it Herbicide & Weed Preventer

    Green it Corn gluten Weed Preventer - stops weeds before they sprout. A new ready to spray corn based pre-emergent derived from locally grown corn and manufactured in North America. The newest addition to the Green it brand is the 4-in-1 Grass and Weed Killer.  This OMRI certified organic pesticide is a fast acting non-selective herbicide. Use in and around garden beds, interlocking patio stones and in weedy lawn areas.
  • TurfMaize

    TurfMaize Bio-Weed N' Feed Corn Gluten

    TurfMaize Bioweed N'Feed is Canada's 1st natural weed and feed product which naturally thickens lawns and inhibits weeds while also feeding your lawn with slow release nitrogen all in one application.



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