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In 1991, Environmental Factor Inc. was conceptualized when Lorelei Hepburn started offering consulting expertise on the topic of organic lawn care to home owners in her area. She soon realized that people demanded this in growing numbers, even though the common practise back then was to use chemical lawn care products.

Over time this business has grown into a one of a kind franchised lawn care company with a manufacturing division which continues to innovate and supply new green products to the retail market and commercial lawn care and landscaping industry. 

The Environmental Factor Inc. (EFI) was formed to develop and market innovative microbial, non-chemical lawn and garden products under the Green it™, Turfmaize®, Nema-globe, and Grub Busters™ brands. Company innovations include the first registered non-chemical weed control, TurfMaize™ and the development of a water soluble bio-herbicide based on corn gluten meal.

This water soluble bio-herbicide (Green it Weed Preventer) is based on a patented process originally developed by Dr. Nick Christians and his team at Iowa State University involving the extraction of hydrolyzed proteins from corn that were shown to have higher levels of herbicidal activity than corn gluten meal.

With further development for over 5 years and based on Dr. Christian’s original technology, Environmental Factor Inc. has exclusive patent and license rights across North America for the Corn Gluten Hydrolysate process and herbicidal activity. TurfMaize Liqui-Gold is a concentrated sprayable version of EFI’s previous miracle lawn product Turfmaize Bio-weed n’ Feed Corn Gluten, which was the very first natural Weed and Feed Fertilizer registered and sold in Canada.

Further research is continually being done by EFI and research institutes to determine new bio-pesticides. Currently research is under way with the Guelph Turfgrass Institute with support from the Agricultural Adaptation Council of Ontario and the Ministry of the Environment.

Today, the Environmental factor maintains its integrity as one of the foremost organic lawn care companies in Canada providing environmentally friendly lawn and garden products such as grub control nematodes and corn gluten fertilizers and herbicides.

This is truly lawn care with a difference.
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