5 Natural Ways To Keep Pigeons Out Of Your Garden

keep pigeons out of your garden

5 Natural Ways To Keep Pigeons Out Of Your Garden

If you have taken the time to plant a garden this year, you might be dismayed by the many pests that are destroying your garden. Pigeons are extremely common pests that will feed on leafy vegetables planted in gardens. If you like to keep your garden well kept, you might need to find ways to get rid of the pigeons. Here are 5 natural ways for you to keep pigeons out of your garden.

1. Create Distractions

The first way to stop pigeons from coming into your garden is if you create distractions. These distractions should be easy to set up and should scare the pigeons away. For instance, fake hawks, snakes, and scarecrows can scare pigeons away. Another way to distract pigeons is with sounds and bright light. So, reflective items, or wind chimes might be another great way to scatter the pigeons away from your garden.

2. Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Motion-activated sprinklers are one of the most harmless ways to keep pigeons out of your garden. Once a pigeon lands in your garden, the sprinkler will sense it and turn the water on. If the pigeon is standing in front, it will get sprayed and fly away. However, not only will being sprayed with water get rid of them, but the sound from the water turning on will also scare them away. If you are looking for a motion-activated sprinkler that will actually work, check out our JetEye Water Sprinkler. Our JetEye Water Sprinkler operates 24 hours a day to protect your garden from pigeons, so that your garden stays intact for the summer!

3. Install Spikes

If you install spikes on areas where pigeons usually land, this will prevent pigeons from coming near your garden as they will have no where to land. Certain spikes are more durable and long-lasting than others, so it is important to do your research before purchasing these anti-roosting spikes.

4. Keep Your Garden Clean

Keeping a garden clean can mean multiple things. In this case, we do not mean pruning your trees, bushes, or flowers. Instead, it is important for you to clear your garden of extra food sources. For example, if you have a compost bin near your garden, make sure it is always sealed, so that pigeons are not attracted by the scents. Additionally, if you have birdseed on the grass, it is best to clean it up if you do not want pigeons swooping down to eat the seeds.

5. Install A Pigeon Net

Finally, pigeon nets are another natural method to stop pigeons from getting in your garden. By putting up a pigeon net, you are completely blocking the pigeons from entering your garden. If none of the options above are helping, a pigeon net can be installed as a last resort.

While we have explained 5 natural ways to keep pigeons out of your garden, there are many other solutions to removing pigeons from your garden. If you have other unwanted pests entering your garden, click here to read our previous blog about 4 ways to keep them out of your garden. Are insects ruining your garden as well? To purchase products to get rid of pests, click here.