How Do Spongy Moths Harm Humans And How To Treat Wounds

spongy moths harm humans

How Do Spongy Moths Harm Humans And How To Treat Wounds

In the month of May, spongy moths hatch and become caterpillars. During this time, they are usually 6 cm long! Once they are caterpillars, they will begin climbing trees and eating leaves, causing much damage to them. If you go on hikes through the woods, you might be beginning to see these spongy moth caterpillars invading the trees. So, you might be wondering, if spongy moths can cause so much harm to trees, can they also harm humans?

The answer is yes. While not deadly, spongy moth caterpillars can cause harm to humans. If a spongy moth caterpillar lands on your skin, they might bite you. These bites can cause stinging and pain, as well as bumps or red and scaly skin. Additionally, the long hairs of spongy moth caterpillars might cause skin irritation or allergic reactions in some people.

Since spongy moth caterpillars can harm humans, what are some ways that you can care for the wounds? When it comes to your itchy skin from the caterpillar hairs, you can apply tape over the hairs to remove them. Once the hairs are completely removed, wash your skin with soapy water, and then apply ice as needed.

For the spongy moth caterpillar bites, ice and anti-itching cream might be the most helpful treatments for quick relief. However, if your bite begins oozing, we suggest you consult with your doctor on the first steps to healing your caterpillar bite.

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