Preparing Your Lawn For Winter?

preparing your lawn for winter

Preparing Your Lawn For Winter?

Here’s a list of things we must do in October to make our lives easier.

Transplant shrubs or trees to new locations

With the winter season approaching fast, our gardens will soon be facing snow and chilly winds, which is not good for plants, especially shrubs. We must start relocating our shrubs to more protective areas where those are less exposed to upcoming harsh weather conditions.

Remove diseased or damaged parts of perennials

Spot the damaged, burnt, or disease leaves and parts of perennials and cut them. Those do two-way harm to the plants by pulling nutrition and by making the plant more vulnerable to diseases. But remember, these diseased plant parts are capable of harming plants even after removal. So, discard them and do not compose. Besides removing unwanted parts, it’s time to sacrifice some foliage to discourage over-wintering pests. Cut back perennial foliage to help decrease the chances of winter diseases and pests.

Clean your garden, remove debris.

It’s time to remove all the fallen fruits, flowers, leaves, and shoots from the garden. Clear any garden debris you find lying here and there before the onset of winter.

Give some rest to the lawn mowers

Now that you have cut your grass in September, it’s time we give some rest to lawn mowers until next spring. Clean your lawn mowers and garden equipment properly and sharpen the blades and pruners before keeping them in your garage.

Move plants inside the house

No, not all our green friends can withstand the harsh winters. It’s time we start moving them inside. But keep in mind, the heat inside our homes sometimes acts as a breeding spot for flies, gnats. Use our NemaGlobe EFI Sticky Traps to get rid of all those unwanted flying creatures and keep your plants and homes clean.

Compost, compost and compost

Composting is one such thing that you don’t have to wait for a specific time of the year to do. Collect all your fallen leaves and twigs and go for it. With the cold weather full of frost, snow, and rains coming ahead, make your compost pit ready if you haven’t already.