Nema Globe Flea & Chinch Buster Display

Custom Size / Pricing Available

Includes 12 Flea & Chinch balls.


  • Based on encapsulated S.feltiae nematodes
  • 6-month stable shelf life
  • Extended slow release to control larval soil pests
  • Developed for outdoor usage
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Exclusive organic formation
  • 100% Pesticide free


  • 280 g (~10 oz.)


  • Treats up to 20 m2 ; ~215ft2
  • Treats up to 20 anthills

Target Pests/Usage

Target Pests

  • Common Black Ants
  • Leatherjackets
  • Thrips


  • Spot Treatment

How To Apply

Flea & Chinch Bug Busters™ INSTRUCTIONS

Treats: Flea Larvae & Chinch bugs (Common, Hairy & Southern)

*Do not apply in full sun

Covers: 3,000 sq.ft.

When To Use:

FLEAS: Flea larvae are most prevalent during Spring through Fall in most regions of the country. The Southeast and Southwest regions will experience year-round pests. Flea larvae prefer moist shady areas, so treat these areas first and move out spraying from there. Re-apply in 4-6 weeks to eliminate the next generation of hatching fleas.

CHINCH BUG: Northern States and Canada: Damage is most common during June through August when weather is hot and dry. Monitor for chinch bugs from May through September. South: Southern chinch bugs are generally active from Spring through Fall. For more special times check your local University Turfgrass Extension.

Symptoms of chinch bug damage include development of irregular patches of stunted, discolored grass. These patches eventually turn straw brown as feeding increases.

Monitoring Test: Take a can with both ends removed. Push the can about 2” into the soil. Fill the can with water and check in approximately 5 – 10 minutes for the presence of chinch bugs. Treatments are usually necessary when 25-30 insects are found per square foot.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to moist lawn and gardens when the soil temperature is between 50 – 90 F and water nematodes in well.

Hose End Application

Step 1: “Water lawn or garden area”:

Nema-globe Chinch Bug nematodes are best applied when treatment area is moist. Time application around rainy periods or pre-water prior to application. If soil temperature is higher the 90 F, irrigate with at least 0.1 inch of water to reduce temperature prior to applying your product.

Step 2: “Mix in nematodes”:

Open Nema-globe and remove bags. Pour contents into the sprayer. Fill sprayer to the fill line. Shake vigorously to evenly disperse nematodes.

Step 3: “Attach & Spray”:

Attach garden hose to sprayer and begin spraying. Start spraying in most affected areas first and complete spraying outwards to provide total nematode coverage.

To optimize performance

Keep treatment area moist for the next 3 days (or 7 days during hot dry weather) to ensure nematodes are flushed into the turf canopy where the chinch bugs are present. Apply to moist soil in the early morning or evening to avoid heat and direct sunlight. A spray surfactant may be added to the sprayer mix (check with your garden center for locally available options).

Conditions Of Sale & Warranty

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