JetEye – Animal Repellent


The JetEye Animal Repeller is the automated solar-powered solution to scare off cats, dogs, and wild animals, such as raccoons, squirrels, skunks, etc. JetEye Water Repeller is children and pet safe.


  • Installation is a simple hook-up to a garden hose or sprinkler system.
  • No external power source required.
  • The JetEye protects your property in a humane way using a simple water jet process.

This motion-activated, and solar-powered animal repellent uses a simple water jet process and acts as an effective solution to annoying critters, bears, birds, dogs, etc. This offers a hassle-free solution that operates 24-hours a day to protect gardens, garbage cans, and other areas often approached by wild animals.

As an added value, it can also be used as a sprinkler for your children!


  • 120 percent movement detection
  • Sprays 30 plus feet
  • Operates 24/7, day or night.

Target Pests/Usage

Scares off pets and wild animals from gardens, flower beds, selected fields, and garbage areas

Mechanism of JetEye – Animal Repellent

JetEye animal repellent is a motion-activated sprinkler that chases away unwanted animals. It is outdoor waterproof and to be used in gardens, yards, and farms. It protects 24 h against bears, birds, deer, foxes, moose, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and opossums. Offering 24-hour protection will help safeguard and protect garbage bins and stop animals from digging up your garden. When an animal approaches, a sudden clicking sound and powerful short bursts of jet spray water repel unwanted animals away. It is a safe and humane way of keeping wild animals away.

How To Apply

Instructions for JetEye-Water Sprinkler Animal Repeller


These instructions are for your safety. Please read through them thoroughly before use and retain them for future reference.

Remove all packaging materials and check that the unit is not damaged before use. Decide on an appropriate location for your product (see siting instructions below).


  • Remove all packaging and carefully read instructions.
  • Slide off outer casing on front of unit exposing battery compartment. Lift off battery cover and insert 2xAA NIMH rechargeable batteries replace both covers. Attach the solar charger plate.
  • Thread the Jet-Spray unit onto the top of the sensor housing and tighten carefully by hand to avoid leaks (do not over tighten).
  • Thread the stand-pipe extension stake onto the bottom of the sensor housing ensuring it is tightened to avoid leaks (do not over tighten).
  • Carefully push the stake into the ground in the desired location taking care not to apply direct pressure to the sensor unit housing. In hard ground, make a hole using a spike or fork before pushing the stake into the ground to avoid damage to the unit.
  • Ensure the sensor unit is level, pointing in the direction of the area you wish to protect, and that there is no foliage or obstructions in front of the PIR sensor.
  • Connect the ‘hose-end quick connect’ if needed.

Siting Instructions

  • This product is suitable for OUTDOOR USE ONLY.
  • Connect garden hose to the unit but do not turn on.
  • To test the PIR sensor, turn the dial (on back of unit) fully clockwise to position 9 and wave hand in front of sensor. The valve will open and click, then close again five seconds later.
  • Set the sensitivity of the PIR sensor by turning the dial at the back of unit – 0 is off and 9 will sense movement approximately 10 metres in front of the PIR sensor.
  • Check the coverage area by walking in front of the PIR sensor until you hear the opening click. Adjust as above to increase or decrease size of protected zone.
  • The Jet-Spray Repeller’s coverage area is arc-shaped. Set the width of this arc by sliding the two green tab extensions left and right. The wire clip moves between the two tab extensions when the Jet-Spray Repeller is activated. The unit automatically switches direction when the wire clip hits a tab.
  • Turn on the water supply and walk in front of the PIR sensor to test. Repeat steps 3 – 6 to adjust the coverage area as required.


Detects and repels foxes, herons, cats, squirrels and other nuisance animals in vulnerable garden areas.

Easy Set-up

Uses battery power with solar charger and a standard quick-fit hose connection in any garden area.

Adjustable Area

0 to 10 meter PIR sensitivity enables variable coverage area up to 100 square meters.


    • This product is suitable for OUTDOOR USE ONLY.
    • This product is intended for use as an animal deterrent only -not to be handled by children.
    • An adult must carry out battery replacement and installation.
    • Do not dispose of batteries in a fire, batteries may explode or leak.
    • Do not short-circuit the battery terminals.
    • Do not mix new and used batteries.
    • Do not recharge non-rechargeable batteries.
    • Do not allow any part to come in contact with heat or a direct flame.
    • Only the recommended batteries should be used.
    • If any part of the unit is damaged you should stop using it immediately.
    • Do not operate this product in the packaging.


Care And Maintenance

    • Turn the unit off whenever pets are at play in the protected zone, or when gardening or, when other human activity is likely to trigger the unit.
    • Do not immerse the unit in water or other liquids
    • Do not tamper with the unit’s internal components.
    • From time to time use a damp cloth to wipe the PIR lens clean.
    • Do not use alcohol, benzene or paint thinners
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