About Us

The Environmental Factor Inc. (EFI) is an Ajax, Ontario based biotech company. We continue to pioneer the development of organic high-performance neonic-free bio-pesticide products customized for specific applications. This commitment has allowed the company to maintain its position as the industry leader. All EFI “Nema” products permit non-refrigerated transport & storage, and shelf life of up to 6 months. The latest product, the “NemaKnight” shake-able solution, is the answer for not only spot treatment but allows for large field applications.

Who We Are

Since 1991, Environmental Factor has been pioneering natural lawn and garden solutions. From our leading beneficial nematodes for grub control, Grub Busters®, to our Nema Globe nematodes, we provide a complete range of lawn & garden products

Environmental Factor has been at the forefront of creating natural lawn and garden solutions which are easy to use and work with nature to improve your green spaces. Today Environmental Factor offers lawn care products which are natural, safe for people, pets and the environment, whether for commercial or residential use.

Our Products

Our list of products includes plant protection and fertilizers, insect and weed control, and bio-stimulants. We have products for residential as well as commercial/agricultural applications.

Our Management Team

Built with over 30 years of product development knowledge and industry experience. This is supported by strong alliances with universities, technology centres and growers thus further enhancing EFI’s proficiency for in-house and in-field research and advanced production capabilities.

Our Long Term Commitment

Our research and development of biological pesticides and bio-stimulants is ongoing. Our goal is to continue to improve upon the biologically derived, effective fertilizer additives that enhance plant growth. Our research is aimed at providing a safer, organic solution to traditional chemical pesticides.