Industry Leader In Nematode Applications In Canada

The Environmental Factor Inc. (EFI) is a Canadian based biotech company. We continue to pioneer the development of organic high-performance neonic-free bio-pesticide products customized for specific applications.

This commitment has allowed the company to maintain its position as the industry leader and remain the one stop shop for nematodes and other environmentally friendly products.

What Are Nematodes?

While often referred to as roundworms, nematodes are multicellular insects with smooth, unsegmented bodies. The adults are usually long and slender, but some can be pear-shaped. Nematodes that feed on pests are so small, that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. In fact, in order to see them, you need to put them under a microscope. The nematodes that attack pests are not the same as the filarial nematodes, which infect the human body and harm the immune system.

What Are Beneficial Nematodes?

Beneficial nematodes range from 1/25 inches to several inches long. They have slender, translucent, and unsegmented bodies. Each nematode has a different role.

Some nematodes are soil dwellers that break organic matter down, especially in compost piles. Soil nematodes are usually ¼-inch-long. They kill a variety of pests, including weevils, cutworms, ants, borers, thrips, and more. Nematodes kill these pests by either entering the insect and injecting a deadly bacteria, or parasitizing the pest and feeding on it.

Before purchasing nematodes, identify the pests you have, so you can choose the applicable nematodes to buy. Additionally, nematodes require a moist area with warm soil, in order to attack pests. Make sure to water the are before and after using the product. Tip: Read the instructions carefully on our nematodes products before using them.

While there are many types of nematodes, The Environmental Factor works with Entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN). These nematodes work in cooperation with bacteria to control pests that are insects.

The Importance Of Nematodes For Agriculture

Nematodes are crucial to moving bacteria and fungi throughout soil. They also help release nitrogen for plants. Nitrogen is key to the life of plants. If they do not intake enough nitrogen, plant growth gets stunted.

Nematodes are also important for the maintenance of a proper lawn and garden. If your plants have been affected by pests, adding beneficial nematodes can help naturally control the pest infestation. For example, if you have noticed an excess of ants or grubs on your lawn, there are specific nematodes for ants or nematodes for lawn grubs that you can use to eradicate these problematic pests.