Hi Harnek, I appreciate you taking the time to respond on behalf of your company, even for such a small order such as this one. I have gone through many website launches and understand technical glitches do happen sometimes. Thank you for your response. William from your team had also reached out to me for the shipping address. Once again, your above and beyond support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


I have had a Canada goose problem at my cottage (Kawartha’s) for 22 years…always lost the battle no matter what l tried…this product completely solved the problem

Thank you!!!


My fingers are getting tired of re-typing again and again how much l loved LOVE LOVE LOVE your product. I just cannot give your tough little Nematodes enough praise!


“I wanted to let you know that the pot poppers have been working great! They are super effective and decreased the gnat infestation to a great extent within weeks. Thank you for helping us with our pest problems! We will keep ordering.”


Hello! I was very happy with the pot poppers last year. They got control of the indoor fungus gnats.


Great Results!
I have had zero luck with other products and saw this recommended on a facebook site.


I’ve used nematodes from your company for soil gnats in house plants for several years now. They work great!