Root Aphids

Hemiptera: Aphididae


Root aphids’ juveniles and adults are under 0.5 millimeters in size, and in a variety of colours, including pink, but are mostly white and brown. Root aphids stay at or above the soil line. They are an escalating problem, especially among indoor growers. They’re hard to spot and unlike other aphids found on stems and leaves, root aphids are more likely to get out of control. They can multiply quickly, unseen, and sap enough vigor from your plants to kill them.

Life Cycle

Root aphids reproduce asexually during the growing season. Eggs overwinter in soil or, in warm seasons, are attached to plant parts above the root line such as leaves and stems where they hatch and fall to the ground. The juvenile bores into the root and creates scars that leave plants vulnerable to mildew and disease. As the number of juveniles increases, they crawl up the stem to feed. Once a plant is weakened and destroyed, some root aphids will develop wings that enable them to seek new plants to attack. In the fall, winged male and female aphids mate and produce eggs.

Damage/ Signs of root aphid infestation

Infestations of root aphids inhibit plant growth, and they will be in lack of vigor. The damage they cause shows up as yellowing withered leaves that are often mistaken for nutrient deficiencies. So, plants that appear to be suffering from magnesium or iron deficiency should be checked carefully for root aphids. Fruits and blossoms on aphid-infested plants will be small and stunted, and generally, they have a severe effect on the fruiting ability of plants if left untreated. Moreover, attacks from root aphids can leave plants vulnerable to root rot, mildew, and disease.

Vulnerable plants

In addition to the greenhouse, various types of root aphids attack a variety of trees including fir, walnut, and hickory. Root aphids can also cause problems for perennial herbs, including those grown in pots.

Get rid of Root Aphids

Early detection and treatment are highly recommended for root aphids. You can get rid of root aphids infestations using the nematodes pest control products:

Advice for Root Aphids

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