Prepare Your Garden For Winter With These Steps

prepare your garden for the upcoming winter

Prepare Your Garden For Winter With These Steps

As you prepare to enter the fall/autumn season, there are things that you need to keep in mind to preserve and prepare your garden for the upcoming winter.

Here’s a checklist that you can follow for the month of September:

1) Collect Seed and Herbs for drying

It’s time that you collect and dry the important herbs and seeds from your garden for the next season. Most plants cannot withstand the harsh winter frost and snow and the seeds and herbs die. September is the month to collect all the necessary seeds, dry them and preserve them in dormancy.

2) Add compost and manure to garden beds

Before the onset of colder weather and frost, you must fill your garden beds with manure and compost so that the nutrients seep down into the soil and are absorbed by soil for the next year’s plantation.

3) Use net to cover water features to catch the falling leaves

Fall means falling leaves. Now imagine all the plants and trees shedding their leaves and blocking your water features. Don’t like the sound of that? Then be ready to cover your water areas with proper netting to stop the leaves from being the bad guys.

4) Plant Spring flowering buds

Plants like Magnolia, Big leaf maple bus, sugar maple bud are some spring flowering plant buds that you might want to plant now so that they have around 5-6 weeks to grow strong enough before the onset of frost and snow.

5) Don’t forget watering

We often stop watering the plants as the colder season approaches. Don’t!! Keep watering the plants to give soil enough moisture before ground starts freezing and plants enough transpiration and hydration.

6) Pull weeds before they start seeding

Uproot those unwanted and obnoxious plants completely or else they would seed, and the seeds would become dormant and sleep in the soil till the next season. And when they start growing next year, it would be scary. So, get rid of those extras now!!!

7) Prepare your pots to bring inside

Just like us, most plants don’t like it when it gets too cold. Its time that you start cleaning and preparing your plants to bring ‘em in before they face the harsh winter. Read our upcoming blog to learn how to prepare your pots to bring them inside.

8) Fertilize your lawn

Finally, fertilize your lawn to make it healthy and nutritious enough to withstand the long cold winters. Give them the necessary nutrition. Use manures and organic fertilizers. Its time to use the compost pit that you prepared beforehand.

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