How To Make A Small Garden Look Bigger

make a small garden look bigger

How To Make A Small Garden Look Bigger

Are you stuck with a small garden, but dream of having a bigger one? Sometimes you don’t need to purchase a bigger lot. Instead, you can use various tips or hacks to make your garden look bigger. For inspiration on how to make your small garden look bigger, continue reading!

1. Create A Layout

Whether you have a large space or a small space, creating a layout will keep everything organized in your garden. For small gardens, you can make the space feel bigger by using visual tricks, like keeping designs bold. When designs are bold and minimal, it gives the idea that there is more space.

2. Plant Vertically

If you have a small garden, there will not be enough space for you to plant everything on the ground. In this case, take advantage of your vertical space and plant ivy or any hanging plant. Having an entire wall covered in plants will create the illusion of having a larger garden!

3. Think Big

Although your garden might be small, you need to think big! If your entire garden is filled with small potted plants, your garden will actually look smaller. However, if you purchase potted plants in multiple sizes, it will create a bigger impact! Also, when choosing furniture, stones, or other pieces, using bigger equipment creates simple designs that make your space feel less cluttered.

4. Use Colour

When creating a garden, colour is a big aspect to making it visually pleasing. Flowers that are light, like blues and purples can help your garden look bigger. If you place these cool-toned flowers around the edges of your garden, you will create an illusion of depth in your small garden, thus making it look larger.

5. Add Mirrors

While it might seem strange at first to add mirrors into your garden, it is a great trick to make your garden look bigger. You can place a mirror at the back of your garden to trick people’s eyes into thinking your garden is larger. A hanging, or leaning mirror are great options to use in a small garden. Additionally, if you place the mirror well enough, you can enhance the features of your plants!

If you want to make your small garden look bigger, these are just a few tips you can try out. While refurnishing your garden, you might observe that some of your plants have been bitten or torn apart. If this is the case, you might have pests destroying the plants that you so carefully added to your small garden. Click here to purchase our high-performance neonic-free bio-pesticide products.