The Best Way To Prevent Spongy Moths From Climbing Up Trees

prevent spongy moths

The Best Way To Prevent Spongy Moths From Climbing Up Trees

Spongy moths (previously known as gypsy moths) can be a nuisance for your lawn and garden, especially in the springtime. The end of April is typically when spongy moth egg masses begin to hatch, and if you have not removed any egg masses that have been laid on outdoor objects and trees around your home, you may be in for a surprise when you see spongy moth caterpillars crawling up and around your trees!

Why spongy moths climbing up your trees can be a cause for concern, is because they can be extremely invasive and destructive to both deciduous and coniferous trees. They have an extreme appetite for these trees and work quickly to defoliate them, leaving trees vulnerable to diseases and other pests that can eventually kill the tree. It is important to be diligent in working towards eliminating spongy moths if you do notice them around your outdoor area.

Spongy moths can be characterized by 5 pairs of blue dots and 6 pairs of red dots that run down their backs. If you notice caterpillars that have these characteristics in your lawn and garden area, you have a spongy moth infestation! To prevent spongy moths from climbing up your trees, here is our recommendation:

The Environmental Factor’s V9 Tree Belt is a safe and humane means of protecting your trees’ foliage against caterpillars. Simply wrap the V9 Tree Belt around the trunk of any possible host trees to prevent caterpillars from climbing up the tree to reach the foliage. Harmlessly repel caterpillars and other crawling pests without chemical based insecticides.

Once caterpillars come into contact with the V9 Tree Belt, they will receive a light shock and fall to the ground, where they can be picked up off the ground (using gloves) and safely disposed of in a bucket of soapy water.

The V9 Tree Belt can be custom ordered to fit any size of tree, or can even be wrapped around outdoor objects or your home if you find that spongy moths like to crawl up these areas as well.

The V9 Tree Belt is the 2022 EFI Product of the Year! Limited stock is available. Click here to order your V9 Tree Belt today!