Nema Globe Pot Poppers

Custom Size / Pricing Available

The #1 recommended solution for Fungus Gnat control in potted plants.

This traditional nematode formulation has been a successful biocontrol method for over 2 decades and still continues to get the job done.


  • Non-refrigerated biopesticide with a 6-month shelf life
  • Slowly releases nematodes into the soil for long-lasting control
  • For usage in indoor, greenhouse, and hydroponic applications
  • Outdoors in containers and gardens
  • Repeat application when changing growing media
  • Exclusive organic formulation
  • 100% Pesticide free


  • 1 pouch per 5-gallon pot


  • 40 Pack
  • 40 Infusion bio-pouches

Target Pests/Usage

  • Adult Fungus Gnats and larvae in potted plants

How To Apply

Pot Popper:


Apply 1 bio-pouch per 5 gallons of soil. Apply by dropping bio-pouch directly onto soil media and water for a minimum of 3 days to release nematodes. No mixing or pre-irrigation required.


After opening and use, store remaining packs into provided Ziploc bag to prevent nematodes from drying out.



Pot Popper Organic Insect Control

Pot Popper Organic Insect Control is a biological control for FUNGUS GNATS, ROOT APHIDS and WESTERN FLOWER THRIPS in container plants.

General Information:

Pot Poppers contain a naturally occurring, insect parasite nematode (Steinernema Feltiae) that seek out the larval stages of fungus gnats (Bradysia spp.), and the soil dwelling stages of western flower thrips. (Frankliniella occidentalis).


Pot Poppers contains pouches* of 1 million nematodes, packaged in a biodegradable pouch. Check application rate chart for correct dosages.

Note: It is normal for some moisture to appear inside the Resealable bag, this will not hinder product performance.

Directions For Use:

Fungus Gnat Instructions:

Product is applied by simply placing Pot Popper bio-pouch at the recommended rate onto the soil. No pre-mixing, filtering or pre-irrigation is required.

  1. Place pouch directly onto soil at or near the base of the plant.
  2. Nematodes will be slowly released in approximately 5-7 days.
  3. Apply 1 bio-pouch per 5-gallon pot (12”). See application charts on page 2 for rates.
  4. Irrigate until growing media is moist but not overflowing. Irrigate regularly, if outdoors in dry hot conditions irrigate daily for 5-7 days.
  5. Re-apply in 10-14-day intervals, to treat next generation of pests.
  6. After opening, place unused bio-pouches into an airtight container (or provided Ziploc bag) to maintain moisture.
  7. Pot Popper nematodes are compatible with peat, coir, rock wool, vermiculite and other soil growing media.

Western Flower Thrips

Control of Western Flower Thrips is best accomplished with a two-step approach. Initial applications of Pot Poppers treat the soil dwelling lifecycle of Western Flower Thrips. To control adult stages a second foliar application with Fungus Gnat Control nematodes may be required.

Pot Popper Organic Insect Control can be used in a rotational program with many conventional insecticides to reduce pest resistance.

Application interval selected should be based on grower preference, management program, and crop growth characteristics. Regardless of the interval selected, applications of this product should begin early in the growth cycle.

  • Applications of product can be made to moist soil or growing media.
  • Soil or growing media temperatures should be between 50°F-86°F (10°C-30°C)

Storage And Disposal:


Upon receipt of product, remove from shipping packaging and store at room temperatures or cooler (optimal storage is from 40-70°F or 5-20°C). DO NOT FREEZE. Do not use if past expiration date or incorrectly stored.


Product and packaging waste resulting from the use of this product, or unused, outdated product, may be disposed of on site or at any approved waste disposal facility in accordance with federal and local regulations.


This product contains living organisms that require special handling and application procedures.

  • Once opened, use the entire remaining packs (sachets) within 7 days or place in airtight container (or provided Ziploc bac).
  • Optimal soil temperature range is 50°F-86°F (10-30 C). Do not apply when soil temperature is higher than 95 F (35 C).

Conditions of Sale and Warranty

The Environmental Factor Inc. warrants that this product conforms to the description on the label. Use and storage of this product is beyond the control of The Environmental Factor Inc. or the distributor. The Environmental Factor Inc. or the distributor makes no other expressed or implied warranty of fitness or merchantability or any other expressed or implied warranty. In case of defect of the product, buyer’s sole remedy shall be its replacement or full refund of its purchase price. In no case shall The Environmental Factor Inc. or the distributor be liable for consequential, special, or indirect damages resulting from the use or handling of this product. In using this product, the Buyer accepts these terms.