Grub Busters® Beneficial Nematodes (Wet on a sponge)


Grub busters nematodes are naturally occurring microscopic worms with attitude. Each contains the toughest nematodes on the planet which kill soil pests such as grubs, flea larvae, weevils, cutworms, and more. It’s an easy 3 step gives, just open the place your sponge and paste into your hose end sprayer, fill with water and spray. Grub busters nematodes actively seek out grubs in soil and reproduce to provide you with a lasting natural pest control.


  • 3000 ft²

Target Pests/Usage

  • Grubs, Weevil

How To Apply

Follow the steps below:

  1. Water Lawn– Grub Buster Nematodes are best applied when the lawn is wet. Time application around rainy periods or water lawn prior to application.
  2. Mix in Nematodes: Add water to the top of the sprayer, insert the nematode sponge into the water, and replace the lid. Shake vigorously to evenly disperse nematodes.
  3. Attach & Spray: Attach the garden hose to the sprayer and turn on the valve to begin spraying. Start spraying in the most affected area of the lawn first and complete praying outwards to provide total nematode coverage. Keep the lawn moist for the next 3 days to ensure nematodes are flushed down into the root zone where feeding grubs are present.
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