The 7 Types of Greenhouses You Can Choose From

types of greenhouses

The 7 Types of Greenhouses You Can Choose From

Are you thinking of setting up a greenhouse, but don’t know which type would be best for you and your space? There are actually several types of greenhouses. This guide will go over some of the structural options that there are. Read on to find the 7 types of greenhouses you can choose from.

1. Lean-To

Lean-to greenhouses usually attach directly to a wall of your home or garage. They are known to maintain heat better than freestanding greenhouses. They are also durable, wind resistant, and great for small spaces.

2. Quonset Hut

Quonset hut greenhouses are sometimes referred to as “hoop style.” They are dome shaped, inexpensive, and easy to heat. Because of their design, they allow more sunlight in compared to other greenhouses.

3. Gothic Arch

Gothic Arch greenhouses are a lot like the Quonset style, except that the sides are usually straighter, and the curved roof is pointed on top. If you live in a snowy or rainy area, gothic arch greenhouses are a great investment for you because their design permits rain and snow to easily slide off the sides which prevents damage to the entire greenhouse.

4. Classic A-Frame

Classic A-Frame greenhouses have high, slanted sides. They are a bit harder to heat because of this.

5. Modified A-Frame

Modified A-Frame greenhouses are different from the classic because they are built with Gable roofs, which are usually not as steep.

6. Barn Style

Barn-Style greenhouses, like their name implies, look like a barn. They have straight walls; therefore, they make very good use of space.

7. Even-Span

An even-span greenhouse is a full-size structure that has one end attached to another building. The reason why it is called even-span is because the sides are both even. While this greenhouse allows you to grow plants with both heating and cooling features, it also costs more than a typical lean-to greenhouse.

When choosing a greenhouse for your garden, it’s important for you to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each greenhouse, so that the greenhouse fits best with your space and lifestyle. Check out our ebook here for more information and pictures of each type of greenhouse.