4 Ways To Keep Unwanted Animals Out Of Your Garden

ways to keep unwanted animals out of garden

4 Ways To Keep Unwanted Animals Out Of Your Garden

Planting a garden can be a lot of fun, but all that hard work might be ruined by the animals that keep destroying your crop! If you spend time making a beautiful garden, you are probably discouraged by these unwanted animals. To learn how to keep these animals out of your garden, continue reading!

1. Harvest Your Crops When Ripe

We know that life is busy and that you might forget to harvest your ripe fruits or vegetables. However, one of the main reasons that pests come into gardens is because the ripe food that falls on the ground is easily accessible to them. By staying on top of your crops, you can make sure that you get to eat your fresh fruit and vegetables before unwanted animals do!

2. Use Strong Odours

Did you know that strong smells can deter animals from coming into your garden? For instance, cats dislike the smell of citrus, so if you have a cat constantly damaging your garden, you can plant citronella or lemon balm to keep the cat away. If badgers are destroying your crop, certain oils will discourage them from walking into your garden. This being said, it is important that you identify which animals are eating your crop, so that you can learn which scent will keep this specific animal out of your garden.

3. Purchase Lights Or Sprinklers

Motion sensor lights will keep most animals away. As soon as the light detects movement and turns on most animals will scurry away. Sprinklers are another great item to implement in your garden. If your sprinkler is also controlled by a motion sensor, this will discourage animals from coming into your garden. It is crucial to place the sprinklers in small places where you think the animals are getting in. Any items that have motion sensors are great ideas to purchase, especially if the animals enter your garden in the night when you are sleeping. If you are looking for a motion-activated animal repellent, check out our JetEye Animal Repellent here.

4. Put Up A Fence

If you have tried every step and animals are still coming into your garden, it might be time to purchase a fence. Sometimes mesh fences can work, but if the animals are still getting in, it might mean they are jumping over the fence to get in. In this case, you will need to purchase a taller fence, so the animals cannot jump over it. If anything, combining the physical barrier with other ways will most likely help in preventing unwanted animals in your garden.

These 4 ways are just a few of the solutions to preventing unwanted animals in your garden. If you notice that insects are ruining your garden, you might need a few products to deter these pests from destroying your crop. For our high-performance neonic-free bio-pesticide products click here!