Zaper Electric Fence

Custom Size / Pricing Available

The Zaper Slug Fence is the electronic solution that prevents crawling pests from entering the protected area.


The fence stuns the pests. It does not kill them. This allows them to still be available as a food source for their natural predators. The fence is children and pet safe.


  • Standard size covers ~40 sq. ft., 10-meter length of fencing


  • Custom sizes available
  • 1 Battery not included, recommended type 6-volt lantern battery with screw-on terminal

Target Pests/Usage

Prevent slugs, caterpillars, and crawling pests from entering protected areas in gardens, small fields, and greenhouse growing beds

How To Apply



Slugs, and any crawling insect on the ground

When To Use:

The Slug Zaper Fence can be used in any weather condition*. It does not get damaged by staying in the open air, direct sunlight, or light precipitation.

How To Use:

STEP 1: “CONNECTING THE BATTERY” Open the 2 battery packs on either side of the battery holder. Insert the 9V battery and attach it to the battery clamps. Close till you hear the click sound. Turn on/off to view the green light. The battery holder can be put directly on the ground, on a raised bed, or on any surface in the garden.

STEP 2: “FENCE INSTALLATION” Hold the roll and keep the pegs/clamps provided in the box near you. Clip the pegs/clamps to the belt 2-3 ft apart. Install the fence on the ground by pushing the clamps into the soil as you move along.

STEP 3: “FIXING THE END” Attachment at the end of the fence can be attached to some wood or left on the ground to sit by itself. Use one of the pegs/clamps close to the attachment end to hold it. It is not mandatory to use the pegs/clamps. Depending on the surface, the fence can be left unattached from the other end.

General Application Tips:

  • Close the battery holder properly after battery installation.
  • Do not twist the fence as it may damage the conductors.
  • The Slug Zaper fence is pets and children safe*. Caution is advised due to electric charge flowing through the fence. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not pull the wiring forcefully as it might damage the connections


During the off-season, take the pegs/clamps off the ground. Make sure the fence is dry. Roll the fence the way it is packed when bought. Unplug the battery. Store in a dry box away from water or other possible damages.

*Excessive rain or snow may result in water accumulation around the fence, thus impacting the conductors in long term. Prevent the battery holder from being submerged in water or snow. Check for water entering the holder.

Conditions of Sale and Warranty

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